Sulwen's gaze scanned the different faces in the crowd as she spoke. "In bull dreams, I walked between worlds. I called down the moon, and learned how to make crops grow. Learned to speak to the gods with the voice of my entire tribe. Forged friendships with the wisest and kindest people on the earth, my fellow brothers and sisters of druidry." Sulwen continued to tap the drum as she spoke. "In less than a day, Ynys Mon, the sacred isle of learning, was ravaged. My brothers and sisters of the druid order were killed for being wise and good, for being oak seers. Stabbed with short Roman swords and daggers. Others were burned alive. The earth was soaked scarlet. Huts, temples, even the forest was set aflame. Goddess Andraste saved me and sent me to you, Boudica, to bid you to continue the fight for freedom, to not waver and to keep moving."

Sulwen felt a little shaky inside with all eyes on her. She sat down, holding the small goatskin bodhran in her lap.

Boudica stood. The gold torc around her graceful neck gleamed in the firelight. The Iceni queen raised her hands in the air, drawing the attention of all who gathered around the fire. "Men and women of the Celt, we burned Verulamium for the Iceni, we put fire to Camulodunum for the Trinovantes, and on the morrow, when we set Londinium ablaze, we shall do so for the druids of Ynys Mon."

Boudica shook her arms high as the warriors around her roared, "Hurrah!" Cornelia Amiri writing Steampunk/Romance as Maeve Alpin