She turned toward the bed and gasped in awe for it was strewn with roses.

"Nesta picked them for us," he said hoarsely.

A silver bowl on the chest caught her eye and she walked over to it and picked it up. She sat on the bed and grabbed a long stem rose. Delicately, she peeled off a single petal. She let go. The red petal fluttered into the silver bowl. Gently, she plucked another petal; it floated into the delicate bowl. Intimately touching only one red petal at a time Aelfrida plucked the petals from every rose. After filling the bowl with a bounty of lush petals, she leaned down and breathed in the arousing fragrance.

Tryffin walked over and picked up the loose stems, then he dropped them out of the small, high window.

Aelfrida stood before a large tub filled with clear water. Clutching the bowl she turned it over. Petals fluttered through the air and floated onto the rippling water. She gazed down at the red petals drifting together.

She rose to her feet and peeled off her blue shift with a lazy seductiveness. Cornelia Amiri writing Steampunk/Romance as Maeve Alpin