VAMPIRE HIGHLAND FLING She hated to do it but she had no choice and she had to act now before her sisters killed Cameron. Stretching her arms into the air, she began a spell.

"To stop you, sisters mine

I halt your chase

I cast a spell of time

He's off at a fast pace

While you freeze in place

Now outpaced."

She shuddered as a surge of energy racked her body. All five of her sisters stood frozen in place, unable to move.

They'd be furious. She'd never hear the end, but she had to save Cameron. She couldn't imagine any harm coming to him on her account. She couldn't imagine any harm coming to him at all. It would break her heart.

Of course, her secret was probably out. As he thought over the events of tonight, it was likely he'd come to realize she was a baobhan sith. Then he'd make sure to never come near her again, afraid she'd drink all his blood. She didn't want that. Even now she wanted to see him again, and he had left only a few minutes ago.

Her sisters became animated once more. They held up their hands, now transformed to talons, and scraped them through the air in front of her face as if threatening to dig her eyeballs out.

She felt a flutter of fear but remembered herself. "I am your sister. You cannot harm me."

"Where is he?" Baring her teeth, Tearlag's eyes squinted in anger.

"Gone." She tried to stay calm, appear as if she didn't care. "He is only one. Not enough for all of us." She set her hand on her hip. "I have been looking for men and found no one on this road but him. They all drive cars now. Few walk anymore. The pickings are not what they used to be."

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